The first Davila Agencias y Servicios Portuarios operation for Carnival Cruise Line in Barcelona, embarked over 600 Carnival Pride crew members, who arrived in  Barcelona on the 25th,  accommodated them in hotels, and handled all personnel movements enabling them to embark on the Pride Cruise ship on the 26th, to continue their crossing to the south of Spain.
Early in the morning today, the cruise ship entered the bay of Cadiz, where Davila Agencias y Servicios Portuarios also handled consignement, and personnel logistics
Congratulations to Flavia Davila, Sandra Rodon, and MARTA JAEN RUZ for a work well done, and to the whole  #DavilaAgenciasteam.

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News from Marítima Davila Bilbao

Today a metope was presented to the captain of the new Ellerman line that we represent in Bilbao and that connects with the United States.

In the photo are Jorge Sanchez (managing director of Marítima Davila Bilbao), the chairman of the port of Bilbao (Ricardo Barkala), and Elvira Gallego , General Manager of Cosco Shipping Ports in Bilbao, Pelayo Davila(Marítima Davila) and the captain of the ship. The ship is the MV Buxfavourite, and this was the first port of call in Bilbao.

We congratulate Marítima Davila Bilbao for the hard work in the implementation of this line between Bilbao and the United States.

Davila Agencias y Servicios Portuarios successfully passed the first phase of stevedoring and consignment certification, and prepared for the Audit scheduled for last June 24, now we can break the news that Davila Agencias y Servicios Portuarios is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company. Said certificate can be viewed here.

ISO 9001 is an international standard for quality management systems QMS (latest update ISO 9001:2015). This certification is a management tool oriented to customer satisfaction, providing the appropriate controls to achieve optimal and effective performance in day-to-day business. ISO 9001:2015 is an internationally recognized standard for creating, implementing and maintaining a Quality Management System in any company.

It serves to increase confidence in the products and services provided by organizations, between partners in business relationships, in the selection of suppliers from the supply chain, and in bidding processes for the procurement of contracts.