Drone pilot operation

Aerocameras, Joaquin Davila, Hoegh Autoliners

Drones, apart from being a future delivery system, apt for many other kinds of jobs, are here to stay.  Their technology can be used in Logistics. We witnessed and participated in a pilot operation demonstrating that it is possible to deliver documentation, or loads of up to 5 kg, from land to ship, without stopping the ship, and at a considerable distance from land, in this case, more than 3 kilometers.

The operation was carried out between Aerocámaras, a leading company in the drone sector in Spain, Joaquin Davila Y Cía, consignee of the vessel, Marina Davila Sport, and the shipping company Höegh Autoliners, using the vessel Höegh Yokohama. The operation was developed in the port of Vigo, the load weighed 5 kg, and the execution time lasted 12 minutes from takeoff to reaching the vessel.

These tests precede planned operational tests with loads of up to 200 kg. At Davila Agencias we are always at the forefront in the use of technology.